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Capacity building for youth empowerment training at Momong
Demonstration on soil sampling under Farm school on mustard
Demonstration on wheat cultivation with ATMA Namsai
Demonstration tank on low cost vermicompost
Distribution of inputs under NFSM - rice
Distribution of sprayers under NFSM-rice
District level farmers training at Tezu conducted by ATMA Namsai
Farm school on Maize
Farm School on Rabi maize
Farm school on vermicomposting at Sunpura
Farm school rabi maize practical
Field activity under farm school
Field activity under farm school ATMA
Field day FLD blackgram
Field day on NFSM-rice
FLD Mustard by Women SHG - Juna - I
FLD on Hybrid maize
FLD on INM in rice variety Ranjit
FLD on Kharif maize Variety All rounder
FLD on Mustard
FLD on mustard variety TS-38 In Juna-I village
FLD on Rice variety Ranjit at Nanam Khamyang Village
FLD on submergence tolerant variety of rice - Jalashree in Juna IV village
FLD rabi Maize
Low cost vermicompost preparation at Juna-IV village
NABARD sponsored training
OFT on Bhogali bora (Glutinous rice)
OFT on rice variety Ranjit
OFT on Scented rice variety Keteki Joha
Practical on Soil Sample collection
Presentation at SAC meeting
Ready to use vermicompost at Village Alubari
Seed distribution under NFSM-rice
Seedling treatment with Biofertilizer
Seteria Fld
Short duration ricer variety NaveenAbhiskek
Soil health camp at Kumari Khampti village
Sprayer distribution under NFSM rice 2013
Training at Juna-II village
Training in Kumari Khampti village
training on field pea
Training on INM maize in napatia village
Training on Low cost vermicomposting
Training on Maize to Women SHGs
Training on paddy cum fish culture
Training to Extension functionaries
Training under ATMA Mahadevpur
Training with ATMA Namsai
Vermicompost unit at Juna Kachari village
Vermicospost unit at Sunpura
FLD on mustard variety TS-38 In Juna-I village
Seedling treatment with Biofertilizer










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