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WSHG - Integrated fish farming
Sponsored training programme
Introduction of quail bird
integrated fish cum pig farming
Integrated fish cum pig farming
Guhain Gaon vill fish seed dist. prog.
fish seed distribution programme-2016
Fish cum pig farming
field day on integrated fish farming with live stock
Field day on Fish farming
Farmer scientist interaction prog
15 days training programme in collaboration with Dept. of Fishery Sc., Namsai district
Demonstration under ATMA-14-15
Director, Scientist, KVK staffs along with trainees
Farmer scientist interaction reg. Fish cum pig farming
Fish seed distribution at Dharampur village-2014
FLD on Pig cum fish culture at Upper Silatoo
Lime distribution under fishery demonstration at Sengsup village
OFT on Paddy cum fish culture at Khowji village
Demonstration on Fish Feed Preparation
Demonstration on Water pH measurement
Duck cum fish Culture
Duck Vaccination
Farm school on Magur cultivation
Farm school on Pig cum fish culture
Field day of fishery science
Field day on Duck cum fish culture
Field day on fishery science
Field day on IFS
Field day on paddy cum fish culture
Field demonstration on water quality management
Field preparation of Pady cum fish culture
Field visit by Govt. officials to paddy cum fish culture fields
Field visit on duck cum fish culture
Fish seed distribution programme
Overview of paddy cum fish culture
Paddy cum fish culture on growing stage
Paddy cum fish culture first time in Lohit
Preparation of Paddy cum fish culture
Release of Cd on composite fish culture
Release of fish seed in the farmers field
Release of seed in KVK, farm site
Release of training manual on IFS
Sponsored training on Paddy cum fish culture
Technology week celebration
Inauguration of Farm School
Paddy cum fish along with Horticulture
Collaborative training with Dept. Fishery for 15 days
Field day of Integrated fish Farming at Guhain Gaon
Fish cum duck farming
Fish cum Pig farming FLD
Fish seed distribution at Dharampur OFT
Fish seed distribution at Dharampur OFT
Introduction of new breed of Duck- Khaki Campbell
Lime distribution under FLD at Sengsup vill
Lime distribution under OFT
Method demonstration on Liming
Seed distribution under Paddy cum Fish Cult OFT
training cum demonstration
demonstration on release of Fish Seed
fish seed distribution programme-2016
FLD on Pig cum fish Farming
soil and water testing at farmer's field






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