Thrust area of KVK, Namsai:

a. Scientific cultivation of cereals, varietal evaluation of rice, INM & IDM in cereals
b. Fertility management in cereals and oilseed and pulses, bio-fertilizer production
c. Management of young plant orchard, Rejuvenation of old orchards
d. Production and management technology of ginger and Spices
e. Production and management technology of plantation crop
f. Scientific management of feed, Disease and housing in Piggery
g. Scientific feed and disease management in cattle
h. Scientific management in Poultry in terms of feed, housing system, Introduction of Broiler farming, Disease management in poultry
i. Integrated fish farming, Composite fish culture
j. Carp fry and fingerling rearing, Carp breeding and hatchery management, Breeding and culture of ornamental fishes
k. Production of small tools and implements
l. Varietal evaluation of Greengram & Black gram, pea

m. Weed and Waste management
n. Orchard management in citrus, Disease management in khashi mandarin
o. Scientific Vegetable cultivation, Exotic and Off-season vegetable cultivation, IPM in Cole crops
p. Feed management in cattle, Production of quality animal product

q. Scientific Cultivation of fruit crops, Nursery management in Horticulture crops
r. Portable plastic carp hatchery, Pen culture of fish and prawn
s. Use of Plastics in farming practices

t. Improve housing in goat and cattle, Scientific Goat farming
u. Scientific management of Apiary
v. Introduction of Rabbit farming
w. Installation and maintenance of micro irrigation system
x. Repair and maintenance of farm machinery and implements
y. Collaboration with multi-disciplinarydepartments/institutions/organizations/agencies (e.g ATMA etc.).

z. Help in formation of FIG, SHG, growers group etc.

Focus areas of KVK, Namsai

a. Situations analysis, documentation of existing farming practices and socio-economic status of farming communities.
b. Publications of need based literatures, newsletters, leaflets, pamphlets, handbooks.
c. In-house infrastructures development (library, training hall, demonstration units, soil testing lab, nutritional analytical lab, semen processing lab etc.)
d. Problem identification of the area with community participatory approach (PRA etc.)
e. Conducting OFT and FLD with their critical evaluation for feed-back or feed-forward.
f. Conducting training programmes with turn key mode (actual adoption), and more emphasis will be given on quality rather than quantity.
g. Creating role models amongst farming communities.

Activities to be carried out by KVK Namsai

a. Survey to conduct situation analysis of farming systems and identify the potential areas of training, technology adoption gap, production constraints with understanding of farmers’ circumstances and critical analysis of their needs and requirements.
b. Benchmark survey of the district and documentation of existing traditional farming practices, production technologies and cropping systems.
c. Resource mapping (natural/manmade) of the district.
d. Setting up of nurseries to produce seeds and seedlings.
e. Screening and assessment (OFT) of resources and technologies suitable to the area and demonstrating it to the farmers for adoption (FLD).
f. Identification of major pests, weeds and disease affecting crops and livestock with their remedial measures.
g.To select, demonstrate, promote viable eco-friendly agricultural techniques for managing nutrients, pest, disease and weeds for better productivity.
h. Promoting local entrepreneurs for agricultural and allied sectors enterprise and creating marketing channels and credit linkages.
i. Identifying the scope for farm mechanization.




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